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Hi.  My name is Jan Ashby and I love to create healthy meals and provide recipes that I think you might find useful.

I also love to write and create blogs.  You may find a list of my blogs HERE.  I have been online for about five years now.

I am in North Dakota, and while we enjoyed an oil boom the area has now quieted down.

Still, there is some oil activity and men are still being hired.  I am happy it is calm, as I can mosey down the road without having a truck ram up my butt.  Enough about that.  More about cooking..


Cooking Info Just for U One of my original sites is Cooking Info Just for U – and it has some really tasty recipes – from basic  instruction on Cooking a Prime Rib to perfection to Dairy-Free Gluten Free Recipes, to Indian Chinese recipes and “healthy desserts“…

Well, it’s a site I’ve put a lot of love into.  In case you appreciate Chinese cooking, or need to follow a gluten free diet (or your child does) you may appreciate my Site.

I get such a kick out of discovering new, healthier desserts – ones with yummy fruit in them, or something with 1 of the healthier nuts in its recipe.  What do I mean by this? Well, ladies did u know that Brazil nuts and macadamia nuts are quite good for you?

Personally I also love things that have interesting textures – such as a sponge cake (anyone think of Trifle?), or maybe Angel food cake with strawberries –mmm !   Strawberry Recipes

At this blog, I’ll be sharing healthful recipes that use coconut oil and some other healthy oils – and exotic desserts plus great little recipes that are unusual – something to hopefully INSPIRE you a bit..

Or at  least provide something that will make your family happy !

Thank you so much for visiting Coconutbaking.com

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