Coconut Dessert Ideas for You: A Great Compilation

Coconut Dessert Ideas:  A Compilation from Pinterest

By Jan Ashby      jan_ashby

Hi.  If you are “coconutty” like me, you can appreciate this compilation of individual coconut desserts.


I did my best to find recipes that are in the great category – meaning they truly are quite scrumptious.  Many of these recipes use coconut milk, and some will use coconut flour; some also employ the use of coconut cream – like this first one, for

Cinnamon Coconut Custard Cake

For this, you’ll also use REAL vanilla (the seeds of half a Vanilla bean).  And coconut flakes, and coconut sugar.

This has many nice flavors in it, including cinnamon – visit RECIPE


Next up:   A Moist Coconut Pound Cake





What’s nice about this author’s recipe is it’s only 15 minutes of prep time.  Also the fact she went out of her way to CREATE a really Moist cake by experimenting with different flavor combinations.

The Filling uses 3 eggs, coconut milk, shredded coconut, softened butter & plain all-purpose flour.  In the Topping, 4 Tbsp of Coconut Milk & some Shredded Coconut.

Cook Time:  1 Hour and 15 Minutes

Find Recipe for Coconut Pound cake here .


NEXT UP:  Delicious Coconut Cream Pie   


From, this pie was pinned over 43K times.  That’s a ton of interest !  Yowzah – maybe you’re curious to see what the fuss was about, huh?

This is kind of an Old-Fashioned recipe – You make the crust from scratch – so if that’s any indication…

Well, as far as time commitment, the site says PREP Time is a half hour, and Cook Time is 20 minutes.

So, to give you an idea of how many SERVINGS you get from this here pie, it’s 10 to 12 servings .     That’s what is listed at

The only COCONUT component in this recipe is the unsweetened fine coconut    Coconut-Cream-Pie-Recipes

As to popularity, this coconut cream pie recipe continues to rank in the Top 10 for, after 7 years of publishing recipes!

It features a flour thickened, pudding-like custard pie filling.  Find it under “Coconut Cream Pie Recipes” .

P.S.   It is very velvety.  If you want to SEE it on Pinterest, click me



Finally, here’s one the kids should like – Coconut Almond Joy Brownie Bites

This unusual recipe uses 1/2 cup Cream of Coconut, 2 cups sweetened shredded coconut (toasted), COCONUT Extract, a Box of Brownie Mix (with Oil, eggs), & 1 Cup of mini semi- sweet chocolate chips (plus Almond slivers as a Garnish).

total-pinterest-pins I noticed this one had over 4,000 PINS – so maybe it’s worth looking into – hey, ask your kids.  Sometimes that’s the best way to go – take a poll among your children.

I’ll let you know this is a regular old recipe (not gluten free) – VISIT This link for the brownie recipe .

>>  Further FANTASTIC Recipes: Coconut Buttermilk Cake






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