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20 Recipes for Brunch: Make ’em Your Own !

Brunch is the time to R-E-L-A-X and unwind.  As a cook/hostess, it also provides you a unique opportunity to wow your friends.


You get to TRY out something new – i.e., a recipe that is unconventional which may not fit with breakfast, lunch or dinner (the usual meal pattern).

I am going to suggest #6 and #13 to you “coconut lovers” .  Many of the other recipes are outstanding & healthy too (some of them) – such as the one that uses bananas & crm cheese (plus melted coconut oil) to create a sumptuous Banana Bread !

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Here’s 21 Delicious Dessert Lasagnas ..


Hi.  Today I’ll share something  S-U-M-P-T-I-O-U-S  and delish with you – Dessert lasagnas.

I’ve had these at church functions, yet had never made one before I delved into #10 “Banana Split” – I love bananas, guess you might say I’m “bananas about bananas”.

Anyway, the one with strawberries added a tang that I enjoy – so if You like Berries on top, try  #8 “Brownie Brittle Strawberry Lasagna”.   jan-ashby

Oh, and who can RESIST smores?  So why don’t you take #6 for a spin, too?

(P.S.  There’s a Paleo-style creation at #13)

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