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20 Recipes for Brunch: Make ’em Your Own !

Brunch is the time to R-E-L-A-X and unwind.  As a cook/hostess, it also provides you a unique opportunity to wow your friends.


You get to TRY out something new – i.e., a recipe that is unconventional which may not fit with breakfast, lunch or dinner (the usual meal pattern).

I am going to suggest #6 and #13 to you “coconut lovers” .  Many of the other recipes are outstanding & healthy too (some of them) – such as the one that uses bananas & crm cheese (plus melted coconut oil) to create a sumptuous Banana Bread !

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Coconut Cream Pie: Best Recipe I Found

The Worlds Best Coconut Cream Pie Recipe

Hello there, pie lovers. Today I have a recipe for coconut cream pie that uses authentic ingredients. I think you’ll like it.


The lady who created it uses real coconut – she also employs the use of BOTH milk and coconut milk. And she also makes her crust from scratch – using a recipe that involves using vodka, of all things ! This is a pie recipe where you have to pre-bake the crust, so you won’t end up with a “soggy crust”.

There are very specific instructions in the recipe, so you must follow precisely.  For instance, when Carina says to “beat the cream and sugar together until whipped to soft peaks”, you’d best do exactly that – if you want your pie to turn out nicely. Continue reading Coconut Cream Pie: Best Recipe I Found