Morning Glory Muffins without Oil or Sugar

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Shelley Detken of Youtube fame brings us this fairly SIMPLE Morning Glory Muffins recipe with no oil in it, & NO sugar!

This is a gluten-free Morning Glory Muffins recipe – it utilizes oat flour, carrots, dates (without pits), raisins, pumpkin, pumpkin pie spice, baking powder, milk, vanilla ..

Morning Glory Muffins with No Sugar Recipe

*NOTE: You can substitute zucchini for raisins in this recipe

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This recipe is from, and are made with Whole Wheat flour and oats; they are sweetened with honey & applesauce! Cinnamon and allspice are also used for the flavoring:

These healthy muffins will be baked at 350 degrees at about 30-35 minutes.

*Note: The carrots in 1 muffin provide 61 percent of your Daily Recommended dose of Vitamin A.

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